work party update 28/01/2018



Today the weather was very mild, although at times we had to contend with a strong westerly wind. We started in the north-west corner (zone 1) and felled 2 sycamores (inserting Ecoplugs to kill off the stumps) and coppiced 2 wych elms. We used the resulting brash to add to the dead hedge on the nearby western boundary and carried the poles to the north-east corner (zone 2) to continue path edging. After a short drinks break, and out of the wind at last, we set about fixing path edging in place, continuing from where we left off at the last work party. By the time we finished we had staked down a further 12 metres on each side of the path. In addition, Bill checked the area where contractors had dealt with storm damage near the Wheatcroft gate. As usual, a bag of rubbish was taken down.

by John work party co-ordinator


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