Work Party update 25/02/2018


Today we had a reasonable turn-out again. We climbed the hill in a brisk easterly wind, which was particularly noticeable when working in the north-east corner. The main task was to continue path edging in the north-east corner (zone 2), for which we needed to obtain material. We felled and treated thee sycamores in zone 2, fairly close to the path, and three more in the plantation area in the north-west (zone 1), as well as coppicing some of the stems on a wych elm in the same area. Some of the material was deployed as path edging or as stakes for holding it down, whilst the rest was kept for the March work party, when bird nesting will restrict our activities. Brash was added to the dead hedge in parts of the northern end of the western boundary. With one more work party we should complete the planned stretch of path edging. Rod has reported a broken way-marker post to the council and was chief litter picker for the day. David spread some pebbles on a stretch of path.

John (work party coordinator)


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