work party update 24/09/2017



Today was the first work party of the autumn season, during which priority is to be given to path edging around the north-eastern corner (zone 2). The path has become very badly defined in this area, so the aim is to fix edging in place to encourage the public to stay on the path. A very poor turn-out on this very fine morning limited what we could do. We began by marking suitable trees at the northern end of the wood (zones 1 and 2) for felling (sycamore) and for coppicing (wych elm), because identification will become harder when the leaves fall. The timber produced from these trees will be used for path edging as well as for maintaining dead-hedging around the boundary. We then felled three sycamore stems and used the timber to install about 15m of edging along one side of the path, using wire and staples to attach the edging to stakes driven into the ground.

by John work party co-ordinator


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