work party update 23/10/2017

 The strong westerly today was not a problem, since we worked mainly on the north-eastern side of the wood (zone 2) doing path edging. However, we did have to spend some time in the north-west (zone 1) coppicing a Wych Elm to provide material, and stacking any left-over brash in the existing dead-hedge along the boundary. Once the poles from the elm had been dragged to the other side, we set about preparing stakes to hold the path edging in place and tying it down with wire and staples. We now have fixed edging along about 25m of path near the party site (i.e., about 50m in total, comprising 15m from last month and 35m from today). There is still a lot more to do along this stretch of path, and that will be the focus during the next couple of work parties. In addition, David did some more stone spreading on sections of the path prone to mud, and we brought down several bags of litter.
by John work party co-ordinator

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