work party update 23/07/2017

Rain the previous few days had softened the paths slightly, so we took the opportunity to spread stones from our supply along some of the muddier stretches of the main path, including the “swamp of doom” and near the wood chip pile. Because the wood chip pile had spread out considerably over time, we heaped some of it back to give chance for plants to regenerate between the pile and the path. Wood chip continues to be used as mulch around whips and where transplanting has taken place to try to counter the widening of paths in places, but it is no longer used on paths. A medium sized tree that had died and fallen onto another tree near the southern end of the western path was pulled down and deployed as path edging. Vegetation outside the Wheatcroft gate was cut back a little to allow the gate to open.
 John work party co-ordinator

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