Work Party 28/10/2018


We had changeable weather for today’s work party; initially cool and sunny, but with an intermittent biting wind, followed by cloud cover later, culminating in a heavy shower around 12.30pm. There were 9 participants for some or all of the work party.

Some revision of the planned tasks was required, as two of these tasks (scrub clearance in the trial planting area, and removal of fallen timber at the south end of the central path, both in Zone 3) had already been completed by an unknown guardian angel; we also made the decision not to attempt blocking off the unwanted path in Zone 5. Accordingly, we concentrated on marking up trees for coppicing (red cross)/felling (yellow horizontal line), while felling a number of previously marked up Sycamore. Two volunteers worked on the marking up in Zone 3, and reported back that they had found and marked up one very large Norway Maple, together with a number of smaller Norway Maple and Sycamore. Meanwhile, around 10 Sycamore leaders in the southern end of Zone 1were felled and the stumps treated; the larger and straighter felled timber was put aside for path edging, with the remainder being used for dead hedging on the western edge of Zone 1.

Three volunteers went down to the timber which had fallen over the post and rail fence in Zone 4, and succeeded in moving the wood off the fence and repairing the dislodged top rail and damaged stock fencing with a combination of nails and staples. The leaflet holders at the entrances to the wood were also replenished.

In the time remaining, a further 15m of path edging was completed in the NE corner of Zone 2, and most of the suitable timber from  today’s felling was moved up to this area, close to where rubbish for taking down to Peveril Drive is normally stored.

by Richard Deputy Work Party Coordinator


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