Work Party 27/01/2019


We had hoped to be planting some trees in a trial area towards the southern end of the main path, but because of frosts earlier in the week the supplier had been unable to deliver. However, there was plenty of other work to do. We brought up the remaining fence posts that David had kindly stored in his front garden since they were delivered over a year ago and deployed these in a couple of places: to shore up dead hedging plugging a gap in the western boundary; and to fix a heavy log in place across an unofficial diversion around the steps on the western path. In addition we felled about 10 marked sycamores and Norway maples in an area of zone 3, using brash to enhance dead hedging and storing some good length poles for future path edging. Ian gouged out some drainage channels to help alleviate mud on parts of the western path. A number of canes and guards were retrieved from earlier plantings where the tree was sufficiently grown or had died. With the ever increasing wind we finished at 13.00, carrying down several bags of rubbish.


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