Work Party 23/06/2019


Today’s work party took place in fine weather, and we had at our disposal 3 scythes, kindly loaned by Notts Wildlife Trust / Skylarks. One job was to trim encroaching nettles and other vegetation along the paths, mainly the main path, where it was starting to get intrusive. This was accomplished efficiently using the scythes, plus loppers to trim a few overhanging branches. Bill focused on removing weeds from around the canopy and understorey trees in the trial planting area, as well as a few canopy trees in other locations in the vicinity of the wood chip pile. Phil blocked a gap in the western boundary and repaired the steps on the western path by topping up with soil and tamping down.

We have been fortunate in receiving substantial funding from TK Maxx and Homesense for an “Environmental Clean up” project. Chrissie has taken the lead in procuring the funding and driving the project forward. We made a start on this project by collecting 3 bags of rubbish, 40% of which can be recycled, and by talking to several members of the public on the subject. Thanks in particular to Chrissie and Christina for this.

John   work party co-ordinator


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