Work Party 09/12/2018



The weather for today’s work party was cool and dry with sunny intervals. There were 6 participants for some or all of the work party.

As in the previous Work Party, we concentrated on felling a number of previously marked up trees, mainly Norway Maple, in Zone 3, followed by stump treatment. The smaller and less uniform felled timber was moved to reinforce (dead hedge) the original western boundary of the wood in Zone 3, immediately south of the point where the perimeter turns sharply SE (and at the same location where there is a significant gap in the newly installed post and rail fence). Several substantial and uniform lengths of felled timber were moved up to Zone 2, near where collected rubbish is commonly stored before being taken down to Peveril Drive, for subsequent use as path edging.

2. Updated information for zones document

– Norway Maple/Sycamore removal and stump treatment (Zone 3);

– dead hedging (Zone 3);

– transport of uniform lengths of felled timber for storage in Zone 2.

Thanks to all who participated.

Richard (Deputy Work Party Coordinator)


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