23rd October 2016


This was a small work party, but nevertheless we achieved a reasonable amount in fine weather conditions. The first job was to coppice a hazel stool in the north-western plantation area. Some of the material from this was then used for path edging and associated stakes, which we installed along part of the path in the north-eastern corner. Here the path was getting very badly defined and several short-cuts had been made. Although only a start was made today, eventually we should revert to a well-defined path through this area of very little understorey. The edging was strapped down to stakes with wire and staples, to deter removal for bonfire or other purposes. Brash from the coppicing was used to boost dead-hedging along the north-western boundary.

A large bag of litter was brought down, chiefly from two sites where bonfires were still smouldering. David once again took stones to some of the stretches of path most prone to mud.

by John Elwell


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