Work Party 28/04/2019


Ideal conditions for the work party today: dry with very little wind. 7 Friends were able to attend.

We focused on four tasks. Firstly was work on the edging on the eastern path. We used up all the viable timber, mostly sycamore trunks, stored from previous work parties, as well as one additional tree which had fallen near to the path, to extend the edging and to create and deploy stakes to fix new and existing edging lengths in place.

Secondly a presumed camp site (see main picture) was cleared up and the wood that had been used was dispersed. This was a lengthy task as binding material had been used in the construction. Among the rubbish were the springs of a burned-out mattress. The bed springs and two bags of litter were taken down the hill for collection by Streetwise.

Thirdly the Sharphill Wood Nature Reserve signs were treated with linseed oil.

Finally competing plants (mostly nettles and cleavers/sticky willy) were cleared from around the newly planted trees in the trial planting area and the triangle (at the path junction).

Thanks to all who took part.

Work party led by Mike


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