Work party 26/03/2017


Only 5 people were at the Peveril Drive entrance at 09.45am (Bill joined us later). As a result of the low volunteer turn-out (probably a consequence of Mothering Sunday and the clocks changing), we decided that post transport and installation was not practical, and we concentrated on other tasks instead. The weather was fine, clear and sunny.

Our work comprised dead hedging, whip planting, and some path maintenance. We repaired a section of dead hedging which had been vandalised on theextreme SW boundary (just to the North of the ‘Landmere Lane Entrance’), using wire and nails for security. We also transported further brash to this area for future dead hedging work. The Goats Willow whips were planted either side of the very wet section of the central path. Finally, we completed the work which David had started earlier in the month, to remove the very wet mulch and soil mixture which has leached across the path from the mulch pile.  This work has revealed solid ground underneath.

Richard (Work Party Coordinator for the day)


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