work party 22/07/2018


Fine weather once again, and we set off up the hill with a couple of jerry cans (brought by new member Iain) and some smaller containers filled with water for watering some of the recently planted whips, which were sure to be suffering in the drought. We looked for whips outside the western and northern boundaries and in a few places inside the Wood. Unfortunately many had succumbed, but those that survived we gave a drink and removed any substantial competing vegetation.

Sadly some of our time was taken up dealing with a bad example of anti-social behaviour. We came across a den area just inside the western boundary at the northern end. We had to remove foam that had been attached to logs to make comfortable seating, as well as other litter, including school exercise books. There were remains of a bonfire (highly dangerous in these conditions), bark had been damaged on a couple of mature oaks, it appeared several square meters of understorey had been cleared, and some of our recent dead hedging, including posts purchased with donations, had been ripped out and used as seats etc.. This sort of behaviour not only damages the Wood but also uses up volunteer time that could be used for better things.

Thanks to all who participated.

John (Work Party Coordinator)


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