Report of nest box monitoring for 2018


Monitoring of the Sharphill nest boxes was carried out during spring 2018 by John, with kind assistance from Chrissie and Zdena. We had 25 tit nest boxes to check, plus 4 treecreeper boxes. Once again the treecreeper boxes were not used, but the tit boxes were relatively well used, with eggs being laid in 8 of them and partial nest building occurring in several others. All 8 completed nests were successful, with 23 great tit fledglings from 4 nests and 24 blue tit fledglings from 4 nests. Only 6 chicks were found dead in their nests after the others had fledged. The successful nests were distributed between the three walks. This has been by far the most successful year since we started to monitor the nest boxes, doubtless due to the benign weather.



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