Nest Box Servicing Work Party 19/11/2018


Chrissie and I carried out the annual nest box service this morning. Basically this involved visiting all inspectable nest boxes, clearing out any old nesting material and hygiene spraying. Nest box 31 had fallen off its tree so we had to screw it back on. Nest box 70 had been retrieved from a felled tree last spring and we fixed it to a new tree (still in zone 4 but nearer the wood chip pile). All the nest boxes remain serviceable. 4.5 volunteer-hours recorded.

Jobs to be done (would Bill please add to the task list?):

We didn’t have appropriate tools (slasher, saw) to carry out the following:

  • Clear bramble between nest boxes 31, 32, 34 and 35 to make visiting a little easier without opening up too much of a path (zone 3).
  • Clear privet and fallen ash branch to make access to nest box 30 from main path a little easier (zone 3).
  • Saw off branch that makes access to nest box 75 awkward (zone 4) (requires ladder or pole saw).



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