Additional Work Party 27/08/2018


This was a short additional work party with the prime objective of clearing fallen branches blocking the main path north of the junction with the western path. When we arrived, there was a lot of debris on the ground and the public had formed a well-trodden path around it. Moreover there were several branches tangled up about 4 metres above the path and hanging down onto the path. Realising we need hard hats for safety, and the usual tool shed not being accessible on the day, I had to dash back home and retrieve some hats from my garage. By the time I arrived back the others were ready to tackle the high branches, and with some judicial pulling, twisting and sawing we managed to drop them safely. We left the path clear and large piles of logs and brash blocking off the temporary diversion. To keep members of the public safe, we set up diversion signs and Chrissie kindly waited at the southern end to talk to anyone attempting to walk up the central path.

by John Work Party Coordinator


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