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What we did on our work party 28/07/13

Although some of the regulars were on holiday, a few of us still managed to do a fair amount of work in the fine weather. Much of the main path had encroaching nettles, brambles, etc., making it quite narrow in places, so the main task was to cut these back as far as the edging. In addition, Bill and Richard removed a large amount of litter. We also cut down some branches from a small tree overhanging the main path (blocking the way for the vehicle when we move the wood chip) and space was cleared around a few of the whips planted last winter.
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Our work party 23/06/13

Back to poor weather again! A party of 6 (including newcomer Fiona) climbed the hill with wheelbarrows and tools in gloomy, breezy conditions. The main task was to inspect and remove encroaching plants from around whips planted in recent winters. Many of these had been attended to at the previous work party, but growth of grass and wild flowers in the meantime had been considerable, so that some of the whips were quite hard to find. We started at the northern entrance and worked our way along the north side and a little way down the east side. Sadly a number of dead plants were found (mainly blackthorn), but many of the plants, particularly dog rose and wild privet, were thriving. A lot remains to be done at the next work party.
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Our Work Party 26/05/13

Summer is here, and we had perfect weather for our work party today. We were very pleased to have help from 6 members of the 4th West Bridgford scout troop, together with leaders. Now that the paths are dry, it was an ideal opportunity to spread more of our newly-acquired high quality wood chip, and the scouts set to work doing this with great enthusiasm. A substantial part of the central section of the main path was treated. In addition, regular  Friends inspected many of the whips planted during recent winters, cutting back some of the competing vegetation and retrieving canes and guards from some of the more established specimens. Finally, measurements were made in preparation for ordering fencing materials for two of the gaps in the boundary.

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Work Party 28/04/13

After poor conditions at some of the winter work parties, with the need to cancel a couple, we at last had a nice day, even though fairly cool and breezy on the west side. The 9 volunteers focused on path maintenance work. Phil led a team doing path edging on the remaining stretch of the main path, a little north of the wood chip pile. A total of about 58 metres was completed, although some of the poles and stakes were already in place and just required wiring down.

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Bird Surveys 2013

This is the start of a regular check of our resident and visiting bird population to see how they are being supported by the wood in 2013.

Each survey shows areas of the wood where particular bird species were seen and/or heard. There is no attempt to count individuals, so some of the coloured dots might represent more than one bird (e.g., there might be a female in the vicinity of a singing male). Also some dots could represent the same bird, because the bird has moved or because it is unclear where a call comes from.

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Extra Work Party 15th March 2013


This was an additional work party dedicated to the task of erecting the new notice board at the Wheatcroft entrance. Despite increasing rain later in the morning, the task was finished by lunch time and the smart new addition to the wood is now ready for use. The size and weight of the cabinet and posts certainly made transport to the wood difficult, and meant some heavy lifting during installation.
Thanks to all who helped.


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Work Party 24th February 2013

Plans for the work party were changed at the last minute because of the arrival of about 150 hazel and 50 hawthorn whips from BTC, ready for planting. With the help of a handful of 3rd West Bridgford scouts accompanied by a leader and a parent, we succeeded in planting all the whips in some open spaces with reasonable light, mainly in the north-west, north end and west central areas. This left some time for the scouts to help spreading wood chip on the very muddy incline between the kissing gate and the wood chip pile.

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Nest Box Survey 2012

Sharphill Wood nest box usage 2012

(based on survey January 2013 by John Elwell, Rod Jones, Joyce Malmo, Phil Miller, Richard Steer)

The third annual nest box survey took place over week commencing 27/01/13, a big thank you goes to all those who took part.

Please see the attatched  nest box survey 2012.



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