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25th May 2014 Work Party

Thanks all who came to today’s work party. We achieved a lot as follows:
Path maintenance: Phil, Chrissie and Mark, in the main, repaired the path edging.
Whip maintenance: Mike, Zdena, Mel and Michael checked the whips, which are doing well, before helping with the path edging.
Litter clearing and bike hump removal. Harry, Liam, Neil and I buried most of the broken glass and found a couple of bags of other litter before we made a start at removing the bike humps before Harry, Liam and Neil helped with the path edging and I blocked the cross over path.
by Bill Logan
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Nest Box Inspections 2014

Nest box inspections 2014

John, Ian, Chrissie, Allan , Simon and Zdena have started to do  rolling  inspections of  the nest boxes to check on occupancy and as we did last year, our results with be sent to BTO  by John.


To View please click on the links below :-


Nest box check 10/04/14

Nest box check 25/04/14

Nest Box check 11/05/14

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Work Party 27th April 2014

On this occasion we were joined by 5 scouts from the 3rd West Bridgford (Friary) troop and their leader Tim Boxford. Along with Chrissie, Tim and the scouts spread wood chip from the pile near the north end along paths in that immediate area. Spreading was somewhat thinner than has been the practice in the past, in the hope of reducing the tendency to turn to mulch after wet weather. About 70 metres were covered.
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Our 1st Spring Walk on 29th March 2014

Our first spring walk was a success, we had seven people turn out plus five FoSW members.

First of all thank you to all who turned up for our walk on this warm misty morning.

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Our Work Party 23/03/14

Hello all
A lovely sunny day today but a bit fresh.
Our main aim today was to thin out some of the sycamore and Norway maple so that more light can get through to the ground to encourage more under storey growth.
Most of the group started at the Peveril entrance on the right side to thin some of the trees out, while Phil and Ian went down the Northern path to find some suitable wood for a planned visit for the guides to try some den building in a suitable area of the wood.
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February 23rd, 2014 work party

This was the first work party since early December, and the main task was to complete the planting of whips, which we started in the autumn. Rod and Mike set off early and started laying out the various species of whips in places where they were to be planted, and this allowed the rest of us to do the planting more efficiently. Also Bill and Ian planted some newly acquired willows in some of the boggy areas near the central path.
Thanks to further donations, we are now in possession of a supply of Ecoplugs, a safe way of poisoning stumps of Sycamore and other unwanted species after felling, and the tools needed for inserting them. A few small trees were cut down and treated as a practice run.
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Extra Work Party 06/12/2013

This was a special work party convened to transport more wood chip from the pile at the southern end to a location near the north end, with the aid of a 4-wheel drive buggy and driver kindly loaned by Rushcliffe Country Park. Unfortunately, because of rain the previous evening, the buggy was unable to negotiate the slippery surface on the path up to the south-eastern entrance and had to return to base. Therefore, with the few tools we had available, we improvised and carried out several tasks, although a few of the volunteers preferred to leave early in the circumstances.
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work party 24/11/2013

Weather was kind to us today (dry, cloudy, quite cold and negligible wind inside the wood). The main task was to start planting some of the whips kindly donated to us by the Woodland Trust, and this we accomplished as planned. About 100 oak, silver birch and rowan whips were brought to the wood, along with guards and canes, and we managed to plant them in various locations where there was a least a certain amount of light and the understorey needed a bit more biodiversity. This included either side of the northern end of the main path, between the main path and the eastern path, next to the eastern path in areas where we took out sycamore at the last work party, one or two locations further south on the main path, and some near the south-western end.
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