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Friends of Sharphill Wood – Privacy Policy and Procedures 

John Elwell – 2018-07-23 


This document specifies the way in which the Friends of Sharphill Wood (FoSW) handles personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


When a person asks to receive information about the FoSW, including work parties and other activities, FoSW asks that person to provide personal data (name and contact information such as email address) so that FoSW can contact that person from time to time. By providing contact information and consenting to its use in this way, a person becomes a member of FoSW. Hence FoSW holds a list of members and their contact information. This list is held electronically and securely and is available for authorised committee members (including the secretary and the work party coordinator) to contact the membership by email or other means. Information from the list is used only for the purposes for which consent has been given and will not be passed on to others. At any time a member can request to receive no further communications from the FoSW, in which case his/her personal data will be removed from the list. 

When a person is elected to the committee, that person is required to make his/her contact information available to other committee members and permit it to be visible in any communications among committee members or with partner organisations (Ruschliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust) for use in the work of the committee. 


When a person applies to be a member of FoSW, the secretary shall ask that person to provide consent, by email, to receipt of emails or other communications on matters relating to the FoSW, including: 

  • announcements and reports of work parties; 
  • announcements of special events such as socials and walks; 
  • agendas and minutes of meetings; 
  • information relating to planning of work and maintenance of the 5-year management plan; 
  • information relating to wildlife surveys on site; 
  • information forwarded from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and other conservation organisations relevant to the area (e.g., other Friends groups). 

On receiving a consent email, the secretary shall keep that email for as long as the person remains a member. The secretary shall also add that person’s and his/her contact details to the list of members. 

If, after two requests, a person does not give consent, the secretary shall cease communicating with that person, shall delete that person’s contact information from the list of members, and shall ensure that FoSW no longer sends unsolicited communications to that person. 

Storing member personal data 

The secretary shall maintain in a secure manner a list of members who have given consent and who have not subsequently withdrawn consent, along with their contact information, and shall make this list available to any other committee member who has a need to contact the membership by email, including the work party coordinator and any deputy work party coordinators. Any committee member with access to this list, shall take reasonable steps to maintain its security.  

Using the member list 

Any committee member who uses the member list for contacting members shall do so only for purposes for which consent has been given. For example, it should not be used for soliciting funding, for advertising commercial products or for matters not related to the activities of FoSW or its partner organisations. 

Any committee member sending an email to members shall ensure that members’ addresses are not divulged to other members (other than committee members) or to any other person receiving the email. 

Any email sent to members shall contain text stating why the member is being sent the email and what the member needs to do to cease receiving emails (or other forms of communication) from FoSW. 

Where a member has provided a telephone number for contact, committee members may use this number for contacting the member in cases where telephone or text contact is considered more appropriate (e.g., for late cancellation or change to a work party or for contact on site during a work party). 

Termination of membership 

If a member requests to no longer to be contacted by FoSW, or is expelled from FoSW, as soon as possible or within 28 days the secretary shall remove that member’s information from the member list and ensure that other committee members with access to the members’ list use the revised list. In this way the member will cease receiving emails or other forms of contact from FoSW. 

 Committee members 

Because much of the work of the committee is conducted by email, or occasionally phone, any member elected to the committee must be prepared to share his/her email address and phone number with other committee members and contacts in partner organisations. The secretary shall maintain an up-to-date list of committee members’ contact details and make this available to other committee members. 

Committee members shall not disclose personal details of other committee members to anyone outside the committee, except for relevant contacts in partner organisations.