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you tube video showing the work of the friends of sharphill wood

A relative of one of the members of the friends of Sharphill Wood did some filming last  October of a work party  and has uploaded this video on youtube to view please use the link below

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next work party 22/02/15

When: Sunday 22nd February, 09.45 till approx. 13.00 (although anyone is welcome to come down for part of the session). If sufficient people wish to do so, we may extend into the afternoon, but bring a packed lunch if you anticipate staying.

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Work Party 25/01/2015

In excellent winter weather our main task was to plug some of the boundary gaps. The large gap at the southern end, near the kissing gate, was blocked by sinking a number of posts and attaching stock fencing. The extremities were blocked with substantial logs attached by wire to the posts. The unofficial pedestrian entrance on the western side was partly blocked by logs wired to posts, low enough that pedestrians can step over but creating a barrier for motor bikes. Other tasks including cutting down scrub that was blocking the view of the entrance sign by the kissing gate, felling two fair-sized sycamores near the northern end of the western path to provide material for blocking other boundary gaps in that area, and the usual litter pick.
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Happy New Year :-)

Happy New Year from the friends of Sharphill Wood.

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2015 !

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Merry Christmas from the Friends of Sharphill Wood.

Our boxing day walk will be going ahead at 10:30am starting at Peveril Drive entrance , weather permitting, hoping to see you there.

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Boxing Day walk 2014


Many thanks to all who have helped in the wood this year. We could have done without the distraction of the renewed planning applications, but we have had another year of considerable achievement despite that.

We are having our usual Boxing Day Walk when we can survey that achievement, so meet at 10:30am to join us from Peveril Drive.

please email to confirm



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work party 23/11/2014

We started in pouring rain, which gradually eased during the morning. With a good turn-out we managed to accomplish a number of things. First, we did further whip inspections, continuing down the eastern side. A good many guards and canes were retrieved from well-established plants. Secondly we did further sycamore and Norway maple removal (saplings and small trees) on the eastern side near the fallen oak. Thirdly we repaired the broken gate at the Wheatcroft entrance, thanks to some preliminary work by David. We also installed our wildlife camera near the southern end, hoping to achieve glimpses of badger or other wildlife, and fixed the roof on nest box 34.

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Friends of Sharphill Wood: check list for landowners & developers of the Edwalton / Sharphill site



Please see  belowthe latest correspondence between the friends of Sharphill Wood and the council with regard to the development of the land adjacent to Sharphill Wood Nature Reseve.




The Wood

Sharphill Wood is 9.6 ha (23.73 acres) in size and is a mixed broadleaved woodland, with oak and ash being the dominant tree species. The Wood is owned by Rushcliffe Council and has existed since the 19th Century.

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