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work party 27/09/2015

Hello All

I nice steady turnout today of seven of us, who weren`t running the marathon!

The weather started off very misty and then the sun started to break it up and turned very warm,  a great day for scenery pictures today but to busy for that.

Not to much on the job front to do but some important ones.

Ian did the loan ranger role today to remove some of the sycamores of varying sizes which created some hedging material for us.

Zdena and Chrissie went to find the tree which had fallen across the main path to gather more material for hedging, but it was no longer there so they went foraging for hedging material.

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nest box surveys 2015


Nest box survey April 2015


Nest box survey May 2015


Nest box survey June 2015

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Work Party 26/07/2015

We had the best turn-out for several months, enabling us to get quite a bit done before the inevitable rain started to get the better of us. Sadly there was a large amount of litter again, including broken glass, 4 plastic garden chairs, and a tent, all of which had to be gathered, taken down the hill, and disposed of. A further unscheduled task was removal of a dead tree that had fallen across the eastern path. We managed to saw through the trunk and swing the resulting two halves off the path.
An ongoing task is tending to the whips planted during the last few years, and Mike led a small team continuing this work today.
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Work Party 28/06/2015

Rain in the morning cleared away by the start of the work party, leaving dry but dull conditions, quite comfortable for working in. At this time of year we are somewhat constrained in what we can do, since the bird nesting season is not yet finished and encroaching vegetation along the paths is not ready for trimming back until the flowers have had more time to produce seeds. We therefore had a fairly relaxed and short work party, concentrating on cutting back competing vegetation around some of the whips (mainly near the main and western paths) and on spreading a little wood chip for cosmetic purposes on some of the paths near the southern end.
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Our next work party is 28/06/2015

Our next work party is this Sunday 28th June 2015. We will be meeting at 09:45 at the top of Peveril Drive at the entrance to the field. Please make sure you come dressed for the weather with sturdy footwear, drinks , food, sun cream.

If you would like to join us please us the "contact us" or email .

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Repaired notice board

The notice board has now been repaired by Bill and Phil. This was thanks to a kind resident who uses the wood donating the perspex to repair it. They were disgusted it had been vandalised.

So a big thank you to them.


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One of the fallen branches

The picture shows the size of the branch that the high winds brought down . So if you do walk through the woods remember to be careful if its windy.

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Vandalisam and fallen branches at Sharphill Wood

Phil and Bill have been up to the wood this afternoon and removed the large fallen branch from the eastern path so it is now walkable.

On the main centre they have removed the fallen branch and that is also now walkable.

We have also suffered some vandalism over the last few days. The new notice board that Rushcliffe Borough Council paid for has been damaged at the Wheatcroft Entrance.The glass on the front door was smashed with a large rock.

It has been reported to Rushcliffe Borough Councils Anti Social Behaviour Team. If you know who has done this, please contact the Council at or ring them on 0115 981 9911.


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