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Spring 2010 News

Visitors to the wood will have noticed that some conservation work has been carried out over the winter. It seems appropriate at this time to explain the current situation regarding the wood and the surrounding arable land.

Firstly, some important milestones have been reached and are worthy of note:

In 2001 Sharphill wood was designated as a “site of importance for nature conservation” (SINC) and noted as a “mature, mixed deciduous woodland of botanical and zoological interest”.

In 2009 Nottinghamshire County Council recognised the footpaths leading to, and within, the wood as legal rights of way for pedestrian access.

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Sunday 18th April 2010

Planned work: 

This month we will be checking the bird boxes for last years nests and removing a patch of dense sycamores to let some light into the the woods floor.

If you would like to join Ruth on a bird survey then get there at 7:00am.

Meeting place: 

At the Spinny

Date and Time: 
Sun, 2010-04-18 08:00

Sunday 14th March 2010

Planned work: 

This month we'll be edging the paths and chopping down more sycamore trees.  Bring your own lunch and hot drinks.

Meeting place: 

At the Wheatcroft entrance to the wood.

Date and Time: 
Sun, 2010-03-14 14:00

Housing development

As you probably know the owner of the land adjacent to the wood, Brian Wells, has decided to sell this land to developers who now have permission to build on it.
During the Public Inquiry,  Notts Wildlife Trust made several objections to the proposals and the developers need to put forward a plan to mitigate the impact of the development on the wood.
We have received a copy of this proposal for this mitigation from the developers consultant's.

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Name this moth

One sunday morning last September I persuaded my son and daughter to visit the wood with the fungus crowd. By which I mean the Nottinghamshire Fungi Group. They really were a crowd, about 20 of them trooped up into the wood with text books in hand ready to identify mushrooms.

Then our Edward spotted this creature on some brambles at his feet. I am glad that I stepped aside and let Richard Rogers take this lovely picture.

It reminds me of insects I've seen in Malaysia, except this was on the outskirts of Nottingham in the autumn.

Can you identify it ? Click here to find out.

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Some history

Old maps of the hill

From old maps of the area its clear that Sharphill Wood is not ancient. The Chapman chart of 1774 does not show any trees there at all, although this might be because we're reading the map too literally.

A hundred and eighty years ago the wood was called "Sharps Wood".

Chapmans map 1774

The Sanderson map of 1835 shows the Loughborough Turnpike road, now the A60, but only a scattering of trees. One of them is called 'Hill Covert' which suggests it was set aside for fox hunting.

Sandersons Map 1835

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Birds in the wood

This article will show pictures and birdsong from birds that you might encounter in the wood.

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Join us on a work party

On the 4th Sunday of each month we meet at the top of Peveril Drive at approximately 09:45, so we can get the tools up the hill, to start work for 10:00.
Our normal work parties are from 10:00am till about 15:00 depending on light and weather conditions, however if you can only spare a couple of hours thats fine with us.
Jobs vary from planting hedging, tidying up litter and felling fast growing sycamores.
Gloves and other equipment is provided. We decide on what to do in consultation with Notts Wildlife Trust and their people often work with us.

If you would like to join us our next work party is:

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