Work Party 28/06/2015

dynamic - By fosh_admin on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 07:02

Rain in the morning cleared away by the start of the work party, leaving dry but dull conditions, quite comfortable for working in. At this time of year we are somewhat constrained in what we can do, since the bird nesting season is not yet finished and encroaching vegetation along the paths is not ready for trimming back until the flowers have had more time to produce seeds. We therefore had a fairly relaxed and short work party, concentrating on cutting back competing vegetation around some of the whips (mainly near the main and western paths) and on spreading a little wood chip for cosmetic purposes on some of the paths near the southern end. In addition we cut back some vegetation obstructing the ladder board by the Wheatcroft gate and picked up an enormous amount of litter, including some broken glass, near one of the party sites.
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