Work Party 27th October 2013

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On this occasion the main focus was on sycamore removal along the eastern path. This fortunately gave us shelter from the strong south-westerly wind, and conditions were ideal for working. We were pleased to welcome three new volunteers.
We started by clearing a number of moderate sized sycamores near the corner where the path inside the northern boundary turns southward. We used the poles to provide path edging in this area, helping to define the course of the path. We then moved a little further south and attacked an area with a large number of sycamore saplings and slightly larger trees, in many cases pulling up the sapling roots to prevent regeneration. Brash was used to plug some small gaps in the boundary hedge. In addition some litter was removed. Most people had to leave around midday or after lunch, so we finished slightly earlier than normal.
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Picture by Phil Miller