work party 27/09/2015

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Hello All

I nice steady turnout today of seven of us, who weren`t running the marathon!

The weather started off very misty and then the sun started to break it up and turned very warm,  a great day for scenery pictures today but to busy for that.

Not to much on the job front to do but some important ones.

Ian did the loan ranger role today to remove some of the sycamores of varying sizes which created some hedging material for us.

Zdena and Chrissie went to find the tree which had fallen across the main path to gather more material for hedging, but it was no longer there so they went foraging for hedging material.

Apologies to all for the time it took to move the tree off of the path but it was just to big for the friends to move so we had to request help from RBC .

Todays main task was to work on the western side of the wood ( cemetery side) to close some of the unofficial entrances that had been created.  Myself, Richard, Mike and Harry cracked on with this task using the post rammer.We closed about five entrances, this is part of the work we are trying to do to sure up the boundary of the wood due to the impending housing development.

At some point we will have a work party for the eastern side of the wood (wheatcroft side) to again sure up the boundary fence there for the same reason.

We used poles that John had retrieved from an RSPB site that were going to be thrown away, we are using them as part of the hedging defence.

Please may I just ask you to  use the official entrances to the wood to cut down on the damage that is done when people walk through the undergrowth.

On the western side their are three entrances to use, the Peveril entrance, an entrance half way down the western side and also an entrance on the south west corner.

In November we will receive about 400 more whips (saplings) to plant in and around the wood. If anyone would like to join us to help plant the whips and get to know us a bit more you will be more than welcome.

Check out the website or  facebook for more information as to when this will happen.

Thank you all


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Picture by Phil Miller