Work Party 26/04/2015

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A lovely sunny day for a work party, not to hot or cold.
We had a group of geo cache people to do their give back to the  community day today.
what a nice lively bunch they are, (" does anyone really know anyone's real name? :-)
We started at the Peveril entrance on the right hand side to clear up a mess of branches and twigs that had been left by den builders and bike track builders!
After that the group split into two, one group to the west side and one group to the north and east sides of the wood, this was to check the whips that had been planted over the years and to clear any growth from around them, the whips on the north and east side seem to be progressing well and will probably need to be topped at some point to encourage them to bush out.
Rod then led a group on a litter picking trail and found a lot of rubbish in the middle of the wood off the main path, the rubbish included a garden roller, a seed spreader, some metal framed chairs and lots of other rubbish, why some of these items are brought up to a location like this I do not understand.
This was our last job of the day as their was so much rubbish, and thanks to having the geo cache people there we managed to clear all of the rubbish otherwise it would have been impossible in one day.
We hope everyone had a good day and didn't wear you out to much and hope to see you all on future work parties.
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Picture by Phil Miller