work party 24/11/2013

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Weather was kind to us today (dry, cloudy, quite cold and negligible wind inside the wood). The main task was to start planting some of the whips kindly donated to us by the Woodland Trust, and this we accomplished as planned. About 100 oak, silver birch and rowan whips were brought to the wood, along with guards and canes, and we managed to plant them in various locations where there was a least a certain amount of light and the understorey needed a bit more biodiversity. This included either side of the northern end of the main path, between the main path and the eastern path, next to the eastern path in areas where we took out sycamore at the last work party, one or two locations further south on the main path, and some near the south-western end. In some places we had to do a small amount of ground clearing, and also we took out some sycamore and Norway maple saplings. Finally we planted a few privets and oaks grown in pots by one of the Friends.
We still have a considerable number of whips to plant, including a lot of hawthorn and blackthorn. Some of this will be planted in gaps around the boundary. Some of the areas inside the wood that might be suitable will require felling or coppicing work to be carried out first.
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Picture by Phil Miller