Work Party 22nd September 2013

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On a bright sunny autumn Sunday on the 22nd September we held our latest work party. Just  3 of us initially, but we were joined by Guy later. Apologies to David, who popped out at 9:45 to say he would be coming later but I failed to tell him where we would be working. In the event he did some solo wood-chip spreading on the east path. The main group focused on the large gap near the north end of the western boundary. We felled a number of sycamore trees from the area close to the gap and cut back growth from the stumps of other sycamores taken out in previous years. The material was used to create a dead hedge which completely filled the large gap. A smaller gap between this and the north gate was also closed. Six large sycamore trunks suitable for path edging were left in the cleared area.

by Mike Rivett

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Picture by Louise Miller