Work Party 22/07/2012

dynamic - By fosh_admin on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 19:21

Today we held just a short work party, but managed to continue the good work done during previous work parties. In beautiful weather, we cleared weeds from around the remaining whips on the eastern side, planted last winter. We also cleared nettles and other weeds that were encroaching on the main path in places, making it quite narrow. Finally a couple of small trees had fallen over the main path from opposite sides, making an arch just below head level, so we cleared them and made the area safe. The main path was so muddy in places that, even if we had had the manpower, wheeling more wood chip into place would have been very difficult.
There is still some summer work that could usefully be done in the next few weeks (more nettle clearance and wood chip spreading along the main path, more weeding around whips), so we will poll to see if a suitable date can be found for another short work party.
Even at this stage in the summer, some birds were still singing, but relatively few species (blackcap, wren, song thrush). Green woodpeckers and stock doves were calling.
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