Sightings 2012-05-18

Sightings - By john.r.elwell on Friday, May 18, 2012 - 17:18

This was my first visit to the wood for several weeks, and things have changed. The understorey has grown substantially and the canopy is half out. Also there is plenty of colour from flowers, particularly bluebell, red campion and cow parsley. Birds are getting harder to see, so several species were heard but not seen, and the species count was lower than last time. Species seen/heard were as follows:
- Woodpigeon
- Stock Dove
- Great Spotted Woodpecker (male and female seen going in and out of nest hole)
- Skylark (over field to north)
- Wren
- Robin (heard only)
- Blackbird
- Mistle Thush (heard only)
- Song Thrush
- Blackcap
- Chiffchaff (heard only)
- Blue Tit
- Great Tit
- Carrion Crow
- House Sparrow (in hedge leading from north of wood)
- Chaffinch

I haven't recorded garden warbler in the wood this year. Does anyone know whether it has been recorded here in the past?

Mammal sightings were grey squirrel, rabbit and an unidentified mouse/shrew/vole. I saw no butterflies, perhaps due to the breezy conditions.

Note that the paths have almost completely dried out since the heavy rain in recent weeks, so walking is pleasant.