February 23rd, 2014 work party

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This was the first work party since early December, and the main task was to complete the planting of whips, which we started in the autumn. Rod and Mike set off early and started laying out the various species of whips in places where they were to be planted, and this allowed the rest of us to do the planting more efficiently. Also Bill and Ian planted some newly acquired willows in some of the boggy areas near the central path.
Thanks to further donations, we are now in possession of a supply of Ecoplugs, a safe way of poisoning stumps of Sycamore and other unwanted species after felling, and the tools needed for inserting them. A few small trees were cut down and treated as a practice run.
Finally, some large logs were manoeuvred so as to blog a couple of unofficial paths.
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Picture by Phil Miller