The Adventures of Jeremy the Green Woodpecker part 2

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     The Adventures of Jeremy



My Friends have been at it again, working.  This is a sycamore sapling – there are lots and lots of them in the Wood and if you don’t cut them down they will stop all the other trees from growing big and healthy.

This stuff is very soft to sit on, wonder what it’s for?  Must ask my Friend Rod….


Hmm. I normally don’t get this close to people, as I am very shy.  I have got to know the Friends though. They come here very often and they never harm me or my chums in the Wood.  If you come near my nest though, you will hear me calling out my alarm call!


Rod has told me that the big pile is for making the paths dry so that people will walk on them, and not make lots of other paths all over the Wood.  My chums the badgers, the brown hares, the foxes, the robins, the grass snakes hate it when people come trampling all over the place, and they are often scared of the dogs that come with the people.


If you want to know more about my badger chums, click on this…


They only come out at night, as they don’t feed during the day. They live on earthworms …yes!  And unlike the dogs they have their own toilets (called latrines), well away from the setts (their homes). Bet you didn’t know that




Pooh!  This smells a bit – I saw a man pick up the poo his dog had left behind – lovely! Then he put it in a bag and left it here.  I think that’s a bit cheeky, you know!   Do you think I should pick it up in my beak and fly with it to one of those bins near the houses?  Well I jolly well won’t you know!


I’m going off to find some nice insects to eat – where was that rotting tree?



This Wood is very untidy – but that’s a good thing, you know!  All the dead trees like this one, and the dead branches lying around all make a home for someone. Rod told me that half of the life in a wood like this one lives in the dead wood.

Things like insects and fungi (that’s mushrooms and toadstools to you and me).



I can’t wait for Spring now, the Wood will come to life and we birds will be making our calls in the early morning and nesting like mad.  See you soon!




by Chrissie Wells

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Picture by chrissie wells